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  • Surfing For Hope Raises $27,696 for Hearst Cancer Resource Center in 2015

Surfing For Hope Raises $27,696 for Hearst Cancer Resource Center in 2015

The Surfing for Hope Foundation is proud to announce that our fourth annual benefit presented a check for $27,696.00 to the Hearst Cancer Resource Center.  Alan Iftinuk, the CEO of the French Hospital, sent us a beautiful letter of appreciation. 

"Your ongoing dedication and commitment to the good work being done at the Hearst Cancer resource Center is greatly appreciated.  Proceeds from this very special event will certainly help us continue to meet the needs of cancer patients and their families.  We are so inspired by the energy and enthusiasm devoted to producing the Surfing for Hope event.  Your leadership and volunteer spirit is amazing!  We are so grateful for your incredible support of the HCRC.  Thank you again on behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors and the many cancer patients in our community who benefit from your support.  We consider ourselves most fortunate to be the recipient of your friendship, kindness and generosity."

Thank you Alan for your kind words.

I'm so proud of The Surfing for Hope Foundation and without the support of so many people in our community we would never have had this great success.  I want to thank everyone who made our event a reality.  I know next year we can do even better and help more people by simply sharing our love of the Ocean and our sport of surfing. I 'm very impressed with the amount of money we have raised but even more proud of the wealth of positive energy we give to those people and their families who are challenged by the hideous disease of cancer.  I look forward to our next annual event which is set for September 30 -October 1. 


Peace, Love and Aloha,