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A Special Thanks to Shell Beach Elementary School

Last week I got a wonderful surprise when I found I had a note of Thanks from the Shell Beach Elementary School written by the principal, Dr. Cervantez. 

On the front of the card it read "All you need is Love and the beach".  How very appropriate and cool.  The inside read “Dear Surfing for Hope, The Shell Beach Elementary School staff and community recently lost a beloved a beloved Dad, Tom Adamski.  We wanted to honor him in a small way. Please except this small donation.  We know Tom would have loved us supporting your organization, May the surf continue." 

This brought tears to my eyes and reminded me that Surfing for Hope is doing something very special and continues to make a difference in our community and help people challenged by cancer.  This was no small donation in my mind, it was huge, and really it touched my heart.  I'm very proud of Surfing for Hope and look forward to our continued success and making even larger impacts in the years to come in the fight against cancer. 

Shell Beach Elementray School gets our mission, which is helping people challenged by cancer through the positive energy of surfing.  I would like to remind our community that Surfing for Hope is your organization too, and we appreciate any input or suggestions on how we can continue to grow and help.  We have set the date for next year’s Longboard Surf Contest for September 30 - Oct.1, 2016.

Thank you Shell Beach Elementary School and the Shell Beach community for "getting it"


Peace, Love and Aloha,