Off the Lip

Bob Voglin

Feeling the Stoke

Were getting closer to the Surfing for Hope Benefit and I'm getting stoked and excited.  In last years longboard contest we added a new division called Pure Stoke.  This heat added fun, silliness as well Pure Stoke to our surf contest.  The premise of it is to have teams of 2-5 surfers who surf together and just have some fun.  We encourage costumes, funny maneuvers and complete levity.  The teams our judged by there originality, fun factor, and overall stoke.  It's a lot of fun and was one of the fans favorites last year.  Come on out and surf for a cause.

Bob Voglin

Happy 4th of July!

I don't think our forefathers would have ever considered the right to surf to be one of the many amazing freedoms we have in our wonderful country.  We are so lucky to have the freedom to express ourselves in the ocean and to be a free nation.

Sometimes we can't partake in our sport due to injury or illness and we find how hard it is not to be able to get out there and get a few waves.  This last week has been one of those challenges for me.  I had two skin cancers cut off my arm and was told not to go into the water until it was healed.  Bummer.  I missed the few days of fun surf we had in a while last week. 

Well, my arm looks healed and I'm ready to enjoy some 4th of July weekend surf.  I'm not only proud to be an...

Karen Allen

A Shout Out for the Ladies!

I just got off the water at St. Annes.  While I was sitting in the lineup with four amazing women I marveled at the way glassy conditions, beautiful weather (and a tiny swell), can inspire such beautiful impromptu meet ups with no planning required.  

I learned to surf in Southern California at Old Man’s.  I used to refer to the spot as Old Women’s because of the grace and beauty of the gentle slow waves which invited new comers, and veterans alike, to come surf and play in the welcoming body of the pacific ocean.  It never seemed fair to me call such a spot an 'old man’.  After all, I certainly wasn’t, nor were many of my fellow surfers on the water.

Today’s session at St. Annes not only made me think of my past sessions...

Team Surfing for Hope

Hello from The Surfing for Hope Foundation!

The Surfing for Hope Benefit and Surf Competition was founded on September 22, 2011.  Our program visionary Bob Voglin recalls, “The idea first came to me at a swim meet at Arroyo Grande High School where I was volunteering at a booth for the Hearst Cancer Resource Center (HCRC) at French Hospital Medical Center.  Every year the Puma Swim Team has a swim meet and they give some of their proceeds to the wonderful HCRC.  HCRC provides a free service in the San Luis Obispo, California community to help those going through the insidious disease of cancer.  I shared my idea of having a surf contest to benefit the HCRC with Bev Kirkhart, the director of HCRC, who thought it was a great idea.  Next week after surfing at Shell Beach I ran into...

Bob Voglin

Stoked to Surf Kickoff Weekend

This weekend Surfing for Hope kicked off a new youth program called Stoked to Surf.  Stoked to Surf is a ‘surfing camp’ created to teach children affected by cancer how to surf, and provide lessons and learning about the ocean and ‘beach lifestyle’. 

Stoked to Surf is concept that came to Bev Kirkhart, the director for the Hearts Cancer Resource Center, to form a counseling program with improved success for children struggling with cancer.  Traditional counseling approaches aren’t as successful for children, who generally communicate and heal when they are at play, and are often too shy to benefit from heavy conversations with unfamiliar faces.  When Bev approached me literally dreaming of giving free surf lessons to children...