Stoked to Surf Kickoff Weekend

Bob Voglin

This weekend Surfing for Hope kicked off a new youth program called Stoked to Surf.  Stoked to Surf is a ‘surfing camp’ created to teach children affected by cancer how to surf, and provide lessons and learning about the ocean and ‘beach lifestyle’. 

Stoked to Surf is concept that came to Bev Kirkhart, the director for the Hearts Cancer Resource Center, to form a counseling program with improved success for children struggling with cancer.  Traditional counseling approaches aren’t as successful for children, who generally communicate and heal when they are at play, and are often too shy to benefit from heavy conversations with unfamiliar faces.  When Bev approached me literally dreaming of giving free surf lessons to children affected by cancer I immediately felt it was a great idea, and was stoked to help.  I also knew that team at Amazing Surf Adventures would be the perfect surf instructors to make the dream a reality.

Amazing Surf Adventures, a surfing school founded by Van Curaza and Amanda Kline, has already been very successful in teaching challenged adults and children to surf.  Van is a surfing legend in our area and is one of the best surf instructors in California.  Amazing Surf Adventures was very supportive of the Stoked to Surf program, and partnered up with Surfing for Hope to start this wonderful camp.  Our first weekend was a huge success and all 14 of our students had successful rides on their first surfing adventure. 

While participating in this weekend I was amazed by how quickly the children bonded and became a group with a cause - to learn to surf.  I personally know how positive and healing surfing through my own experience with cancer.  I'm so happy to see the results of this first surf camp, and to help share ‘the stoke’ with so many wonderful kids.

If you would like to learn more about Stoked to Surf please click here.